The Hu-MTM preclinical platforms:
Hu-MTM anti-cancer therapy model.
Hu-MTM ID Model
Hu-MTM infectious disease model.
Hu-MTM SC Model
Hu-MTM human stem cell model.
Hu-MTM IT Model
Hu-MTM human immune therapy model.
Hu-MTM AD Model
Hu-MTM human antibody discovery model.
The Hu-MTM models can be used as a preclinical platform to test therapies against Human:
Infectious Diseases
Inflammatory Diseases
Stem Cell Malignancies
Graft vs. Host Rejection
Immunity Assessment
Vaccine Development
The Hu-MTM models are especially useful for testing:
Efficacy of Antiviral/Antimicrobial drugs and Chemotherapeutics
Gene therapy applications for safety and efficacy
Predicting Immune-modulation, Immunogenicity and Lymphotoxicity of INDs
Embryonic and hematopoietic stem cell maturation and differentiation profiling
Lymphotoxicity and cytokine release syndrome by monoclonal antibodies/small molecules
"Humanized Mouse" based services provided by HuMurine Technologies

The Hu-MTM CIEA NOG mouse

First commercially available preclinical animal
model platform with a functional
human immune component
Development of new interventions against human disease requires complex in vivo analysis in preclinical animal models. Preclinical animal models have been unable to accurately predict the effects of novel therapeutics on human diseases due to significant biological differences between most animal models and humans.

HuMurine Technologies was founded in 2008 by Gerold Feuer, Ph.D., to standardize and generate a reproducible humanized mouse model, which is acceptable and accessible to both commercial and academic clients. Humanized mice are generated by injection of human hematopoietic stem cells and mice display a broad and reproducible pattern of mature human immune cells at 10 to 14 weeks after injection. HuMurine has worked closely with both academic and commercial clients to develop and standardize a reproducible and robust preclinical humanized mouse model. HuMurine Technologies' work culminated in the launch of the Hu-MTM CIEA NOG mousemodel. Based on this novel platform, HuMurine has recently announced the launch of four new preclinical models to cater to the specific needs of clients seeking to perform studies relating to cancer, infectious disease and immunotherapy.

Salient Features of the Hu-MTM CIEA NOG mouse®
Special pricing available for first time customers under exploratory study scheme.
Reconstituted with hematopoietic stem cells from human fetal liver (up to 50% higher chimerization than cord blood derived cells)
8 color FACS validation for human lymphocytes in the peripheral blood at 10-15 weeks post engraftment (customer tailored flow matrix).

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